Avoidance Is Not Transcendence

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, one of the first things I saw, was this image and quote posted by Effortless Peace:

The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender.
~Eckhart Tolle


That’s the key .. total embracing of where we are and going through it not avoiding it or distracting ourselves from it .. even with heightened “spiritual” states of being or “positive thinking”.

I recently heard someone describing how they “transcend” their non-peace. When we talked about it, I found it never went away, constantly reappearing and playing out; they often awoke with it waiting for them because their resistance to it was lowered during their sleep.

This person said they “transcended it” .. by keeping their distance from it, not wanting it to take over their day and waited for the feeling to go away (to be repressed again).  They avoided it instead of embracing it because they were afraid that the non-peace would engulf them if they allowed it the full expression it needed.

The irony is the fear of it perpetuated it while embracing it takes us right to a true peace.

If we are willing to go into our non-peace 100%, be willing to experience the momentary pain of self-growth, we will be gifted with long-term peace. And there are many ways to do that, from talking it through with an objective friend who will not collude with us or judge us, using EFT, receiving shamanic or other healing or working with a mentor in a safely held space.

Sometimes, that peace we gain is just knowing that we will not be engulfed by our non-peace and that it will naturally transmute to peace. Sometimes, we will free ourselves entirely from this specific non-peace for the rest of our time here, simply by allowing it to express fully and be healed.


I am so grateful I have discovered this simple truth and that this person blessed me with the reminder of how far I’ve come on my own journey ♥


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Namaste ♥



  1. Love this. SO true! Walking into fear or pain whilst knowing in your heart that everything will turn out just fine is so freeing! My week has been like this and I am ending it with renewed faith and passion. I also see that "spirituality" sometimes becomes a BIG tool of avoidance. Where instead of facing things as they are, people (and I have seen this in myself also) try to escape within their minds. There is no real freedom here. Perhaps momentary relaxation until the cycle repeats. I see that this comes from a place of fear. Great writing. <3

  2. D Kate Rogers says:

    This week has been about walking deeper into my non-peaceful places and exploring them as wave upon wave of raw pain washes over and out of me. If, as in the past, I'd been afraid and tried to hold off or avoid those feelings I would not have been able to see the shore and find deeper peace and acceptance.
    I'm so glad you're on this journey and sharing it with us – it helps to have fellow travelers showing a path ahead <3.

  3. Sophie Baulch says:

    Brilliant. And once we have gone into that feeling we can change our behaviours and become more authentic too.

  4. Sophie Baulch says:

    Brilliant. And once we have gone into that feeling we can change our behaviours and become more authentic too.

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