No-one Can Disappoint You

The truth is, there cannot be any disappointment without expectation. YOUR expectation.

If you have an unexpectedly good experience, and then you try to revisit it expecting the same again, you aren’t in the flow anymore; you’re trying to manipulate an external situation to gain an internal peace. In other words, you probably don’t feel good and you hope that going back to revisit something from the past where you felt good, will make you feel good again.

Even if you feel fine, we live in a dynamic world where the exact set of circumstances that existed in perfect harmony the first time around just won’t be replicated exactly, and approaching a past good experience expecting it to be exactly the same is bound to fail your expectations in some way.

Most people will think that it was the exact circumstances that resulted in the original experience that left them feeling so good.

Yet, reality works in the opposite way: your internal ‘vibration’ creates what you find outside of yourself. As the saying goes: “as within, so without”.

How you feel drives what you experience, who you encounter and what the experience will be like. Any revisit, no matter how wonderful the scenario, is bound to disappoint in some way.

The same goes for relationships: if you are expecting someone to be a particular way and they disappoint you, the problem doesn’t lie with them, it lies with you.

They are only being Who They Are, doing the only thing they can do in that situation.

They can’t be different, otherwise they would have been. Your expectation of their behaviour or their response to be a certain way, is what has disappointed you.

You are not seeing them as they really are. Instead, you are seeing a projection of who you think they are, or even of who you want them to be. This is what has disappointed you.


You are disappointed by your own disillusionment.


And though it may pain you, embrace it.

Because the destruction of illusion is a gift.


Welcome back to the present moment!




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