when i was a younger woman
i used to wear my sexuality like a mask
covered in sequins
a persona
to hide behind
and shine your light back into your own eyes

clothes off
yet rarely naked

now my sexuality is a cavern
deep and dark
soft and inviting
open to you

when you enter
you meet only me

i see the glow of your approach

you bring your light

your fire lights me up
and reveals even more of me

to myself


  1. Oh Yes!! Yes yes yes! <3

  2. Lis O'Kelly says:

    Beautiful <3

  3. Wow that is so beautiful.

  4. Deb Kate Rogers says:

    I shall wish to remember this when the day comes I find myself ready to… *ahem, date <3.

  5. Oh Yes! Yes yes yes! โ™ฅ

  6. John Rasmussen says:

    Wonderful and it works!

  7. Beautiful Natalie Chalmers.

  8. oooohh, this is absolutely beautiful!

  9. wow, beautiful

  10. Florrie McCallum says:

    My heart hears you . thank you for letting us see.

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