The Law of Attraction Isn’t About ‘Getting Things’


From my current perspective, I think there is a misconception of the Law of Attraction – that it is about ‘getting things’.

To me, it is about using the idea of getting the things you think you want to get you into a state of hope, anticipation, excitement, glee, joy, peace.

Feeling Good

The whole ‘spiritual thing’, what most spiritual teachings point towards in one set of words or another, is about getting into a place of feeling great. This is different to the empty pleasure where you use people, things or events to run away from a feeling of meaninglessness, and is instead a deeply peaceful, blissful state of heart-opening good feeling.

When you feel good, you are in a position to not only enjoy life every moment, but you let the Universe bring you exactly the things that will make you happiest (not always what you think will do it) by not creating any kind of resistance against it.

Setting Intentions

Of course you can set intentions and purposefully manifest the things you want: the job, the parking space, the new cupboard. It is effective, but does not always bring you the happiness you expected to last past the moment of receiving it.

However, if you can instead spend your time training yourself to move your thoughts to ones that invoke good feelings (instead of the thoughts you let create your life by default, by habit) you will keep yourself in a receptive state. I like the Abraham-Hicks teachings and they call this the Art of Allowing.

Creating Through Surrender

Simply use the ideas of what you want as a tool to keep you in that receptive state, with no attachment to the end result being those exact things (they may be even better and will very likely be) and you will be able to allow miracles to happen.

In this state, you trust that your Higher Self, the Divine Aspect of you, or more broadly if it works better for you, the Universe, knows exactly what will make you happiest and can move heaven and earth to bring it about. It created them.

In this way of working, you don’t give up your power to a greater force than you to reward you if it sees fit, or to a destiny of “if it was meant to be“, both which take place when you don’t do your part and so end up with a reality created by your conditioned, default thinking, which can be hit or miss. Ask yourself how that is working out for you so far?

You also don’t work alone, creating from willpower, having to decide, by yourself, all of the detail of what you think will make you happy .. as if you can see it all from this somewhat limited perspective of where you find yourself right now in any case. ‘Somewhat limited’ with comparison to your Soul, or the Universe, who can see it all.

It Is A Co-Creation

Instead, you work in conjunction with the Universe, with your Greater Self, with the energy that has created All That Is.

You do your part by clearing your resistance to the miracles, by using whatever you need to, to shift your thoughts from habitual ones to ones that leave you feeling good – this is a moment-by-moment choice and effort, not a one time shift. You can simply choose better thoughts, you can use EFT or Ho’oponopono, you could feel gratitude for what you already have, you could get a healing session with someone, you could go for a walk in nature or meditate yourself into a better feeling state .. there are a multitude of ways – pick the one you like best in that moment.

And you can trust that the Universe is doing its part and is orchestrating people, places and events to bring you exactly what you need to live your best life and have the most fun adventure that your Soul had intended.

Focus On Who You Are Becoming

The underlying message of the Law of Attraction is simple .. it is about Who You Become, revealing Who You Truly Are that holds the magic to happiness, not what you have, however you create it. ♥



  1. For some time now (years maybe) a recurrent prayer has been something along the lines of “Create in me the Woman You Created me to be”.

    It’s been really transformative and also surprising to see how I grow and evolve with such an open ended request.

    When in the past I had asked for specific traits I thought I wanted to become and was always trying to force those traits into being – this feels peaceful and trusting and is leading me into really wonderful spaces <3
    Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess recently posted..Snow Covers the Ground While I am in the Throes of a (re)BirthingMy Profile

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