What Others Are Saying

“Over the past six months I’ve had several sessions with Natalie about my intimate relationships. When I look back on them now they appear like treasures, shining in the midst of dark waters.
She has an ability to cut through the murkiness of my shadows, to drill down to the depths of my truth, to chase and hunt the cunningness of my denial, which never wants to be seen. Then, when I just want to squirm and run away with embarrassment and hide from the light, she loves all of those parts of me; helping me to love and accept them too. She lovingly helped me see the reflections in ‘the other’ that I was too blind at the time to see.
On a practical level, her relationship advice is fantastically clear, structured and grounded. To top all this, Natalie walks her talk; she’s vulnerable, wounded and humble – which is perhaps what makes her one of the most powerful and wise healers I know.”
Natalie Fee | (United Kingdom)


“Connecting with Natalie via Skype was a life-changing experience for me. In about 30 minutes she brought in her powerful intuition, her compassion and her perspective and completely blew my mind in the most beautiful way.
I was struggling with overwhelm and frustration (which was quickly leading to weariness) and she was able to help me get out of the chaos and beneath the surface to understand, learn from it and move out of the suffering I was creating.
They say you can’t see your own blind spots and I’ve found this so true. Natalie helped me to see the pieces I was missing, which allowed me to feel empowered in and excited about my next steps. She was a catalyst to tremendous personal growth, and I’m so deeply grateful for her gifts of insight and the ability to share them in such a powerful way.”
Tara Wagner | The Organic Sister (United States)


“Natalie has the most amazing ability to see through my past negative habits to the clean slate beyond them and empowered me to create the life I really deserve. Her intuitiveness, to pull the beliefs hiding within what I shared with her, helped me realise that I have been stunting my own growth and that I have the ability to clear my own path and she gave me the tools to work with to make it happen. The past issues that crippled me the beginning of last year were dealt with in the most empathetic and professional way and only through her guidance, I was helped back on my feet. I owe her a great big loving hug and kiss.”
Johnny Engelbrecht | (South Africa)

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“I have turned to Natalie twice. The first time was when I wanted an outside perspective on an issue I was working on, guidance from someone whose views and energy I admired. She worked hard to understand exactly what it was I was asking, helped me, and then followed up. I was important to her.
The second time was when I was in crisis and needed not just resources that she had to offer, but love and space held for me to sink into until I was able to move ahead on my own. I shared intimate details with her and she did not let me down, nor did she respond too quickly. She gained my trust by letting me know that she was holding me in her thoughts and trusting her intuition to guide her. Then she responded and it was wonderful. I am still working with her on this issue and will turn to Natalie unhesitatingly in the future. She is important to me.
Sarah Heiner | The Bookworm’s Basket (United States)


“Natalie has helped me immensely! Through her own actions, her blog, and her words on Facebook to start with. And when I’ve reached to her on a personal level for guidance and mentoring, her ability to spotlight things for me became even deeper. The absolute best things about Natalie are that her cheer and joy are palpable, she is incredibly insightful, and she meets me on my level. Though she is blessed with this immense insight and soulful work in her heart, she can meet me when I’m in the pits and paint me a picture that I can actually see with my own foggy eyes. It has been that which has led me to so much clarity as she removed my own concerns that I couldn’t possibly be good enough to accomplish something I’m working with her on. Natalie’s just a real treat and I am so very honored to have had her in my life to reflect that I, too, am a blessing.”
Shannon Root | (United States)

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