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How Is Mentoring Different To Coaching?

Mentoring differs from coaching in that mentoring focuses on the individual in a personal way and offers support for long-term personal and spiritual growth, whereas coaching is usually performance-based, helping you develop skills to meet specific, often short-term, goals.

What Is Your Approach?

As well as reading through the description below, please familiarise yourself with my work here, on this web site, and via my Facebook writings so that you know whether my perspective resonates with you.

I am a pragmatic spiritual teacher and empath with deep insight on relationships, working very intuitively so that we can help you bring your own awareness to how you relate to yourself and others so that you can bring more freedom into your relationships.

I see that all relationships offer us a mirror that we can use to heal, hone ourselves and grow in every area of our lives, through getting us in touch with our essential Divine nature. Relationships are the absolute best route to self realization.

How Do You Work?

My work is highly intuitive and strongly founded on my shamanic training. This will primarily be a two way conversation where you will bring to the call whatever it is that draws you to want to work with me and I will tune in to the energetics and sense what feels most important and go from there.

As well as holding a non-judgemental, loving presence to witness this conversation, I will question you, challenge you, validate you where necessary and most of all, share my insights, developed over years of working with others, to offer new ways of looking at the situations you describe. If called for, I may draw on my vast toolkit from EFT to shamanic healing, visualization to energy work, or even just cut through the illusion with collusion-free clarity to assist you to embrace, release, reframe .. and reclaim your power.

I use Skype audio because it is a convenient service to connect with my international clients. If you don’t already use it, you can download it here for free. You will need some kind of mic and speakers to use it – I prefer using a headset (they can be acquired quite cheaply on Amazon), but use whatever works best for you or whatever equipment you already have.


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How Do I Book?

Please contact me if you have any further questions or to book your call with me.

Calls last 50 minutes and begin on the hour. I highly recommend a series of six sessions booked at fortnightly intervals, or weekly if you are in a process of transformation already and need a bit of extra support.

What Do You Charge?

An online session with me costs £95 (+/-$130) for up to an hour.

Payment is made via paypal.  Your session date and time will be confirmed once payment has been received. You can pay by clicking on the link below




Want To Know What Others Are Saying About Working With Me?

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