What Do I Believe In Without A Doubt?

I was asked this question last night: “what do I believe in without a doubt?” and as the answer flowed through me, I realized that I would like to share it here, with you.

I believe in the loving presence of angels and guides, without a doubt. Sometimes I forget that they are there, or I disconnect, but the moment I need them, or I remember to invite them in .. their presence is palpable and their feeling of unconditional love and total acceptance of me brings tears to my eyes, and sometimes makes my heart feel like it will burst. Like here.

Actually, I guess that’s not something I believe, it is something I used to believe but then after I experienced it, many, many times, I just knew it and so now it is a knowing.

I believe without a doubt that everything that happens to us is part of a divine co-creation designed to get us from where we are to where our heart knows we belong, to get us from who we have been made to think we are to reveal Who We Truly Are .. while still in this life, to enjoy it and to experience our Divine Light right here in this vessel that we think of as us.

That every person we think has hurt us, betrayed us or who is thwarting our dream in some way, is in fact an ally, helping us in ways we can barely understand, like disguised stepping stones, to the next step on the path intended by our soul – who can see the whole thing and how it turns out from its broader perspective.

If only we could see the whole path, we would trust each twist and turn. We would trust that the lover who breaks our heart open does so so that we have the opportunity to develop forgiveness and experience deeper love. We would trust that the boss who fires us does so so that we have the opportunity to be free to follow our dream. We would trust that the parent who wounds us does so so we have the opportunity to develop compassion or resilience.

We would also trust the paths that are easy and sweet and seem too effortless to be OK. Especially them. Unreservedly.

We would simply trust and grab the opportunity for all we are worth and Allow and unfold our beautiful selves. If we could see how amazingly it all turns out BECAUSE of these events and these people, not in spite of them.

But we can’t see the end and how it all turns out, so all I do is trust that it does work out, better than I can ever envision from this step that I am on. I pick myself up from every ‘perceived’ challenge or obstacle, and keep doing my work .. keep taking the one next step, opening to more love, looking within, finding the gift in every one of these events, listening to my heart .. and letting those angels do their work.

When I am in a place to remember this, I am at peace, there is nothing that can affect that deep inner peace or shake the feeling of immense unconditional love in every cell of my body.





  1. I am realizing this beautiful Truth deeper and deeper each day – it’s wonderfully healing to be able to release the old stories of being wounded and hurt and betrayed – wonderfully freeing too.

    I think back to the me I was even 1 year ago today and I feel so much love for her and also compassion for a Soul so wrapped up in the NOW and the HERE <3
    Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess recently posted..Poetry as A Prayer PracticeMy Profile

  2. This is so true Natalie…thank you for these words.

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